Enterprise's core value

Be open-minded and persistent to draw out the blueprint for company's development and realize company's vision.

【BROAD-MINDEDNESS】Process a world view      Pioneering technology

Be innovative to raise company's competitiveness with active new thinking and develop new business to explore into extensible industries.

【INNOVATION】Inspire creativity and passion

Be cooperative and support to share common resources and combine strength under company's strategic structure.

【COLLABORATION】Focus on needs of our customer     Act with urgency

Be flexible and agile in reacting to customer's demand and adjusting company's policies as means to pave a sound base of profit for an enterprise to operate in the era of e-generation.

【AGILITY】Continuous improvementn

Be moderate, magnanimous, sincere and caring to make “human-centered” thinking, while active on learning and determined in executing missions.

【COMPASSION】Be social responsible