Employee-friendly Working Place
Megaforce is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and fair working environment, creating an employee-friendly working place from five major facets in a bid to provide a good place where employees can happily work and enjoy life, allowing them to take care of work and family life simultaneously and keep a balance between physical and mental health under the goal of having employees work without worry and explore their potential to grow with the Company.
Chart of employee-friendly working place

Well-established system and handsome welfare

Megaforce selects, cultivates, and keeps talented workers with competitive salary structure and performance reward, while committed to protecting life quality of employees. It allocates a certain percentage of monthly revenue as the fund for employee welfare, and the fund will be used as the cash gifts for employees on Taiwan's three major holidays and employee's birthday, or as the subsidy for travel activities, social group's activities, or other benefits. Besides paying for the labor insurance and national health insurance for employees in accordance with the government's requirement, the Company pays the fill amount for group insurance for staff workers, covering medical insurance, cancer insurance, life insurance, and accident insurance, to provide employees with multiple protections.

Employee care and talents cultivation

Megaforce cares both physical and mental health of every employee, arranging regular on-the-job health examination and edible water inspection, in addition to holding health lectures from time to time to provide employees with new health knowledge.

With an earnest desire for employee cultivation and education, Megaforce established a complete employee training system to cope with the social trend, company's operation directions, targets of departments, and employee's demand for personal advancement, in a hope for employees to grow with the Company.

Environment of equality and non-discrimination

Megaforce values employees and respect human rights, creating a non-discrimination, open, safe, health, and equal working environment, incompliant to the Labor Law and international human right accords, committed to providing an excellent working place for all employees to bring their talents into full play.

Emphasis on safety and quality of hygiene

In order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, Megaforce arranges work security classes from time to time, and makes the “Vocational Safety Management Plan” to ensure that all facilities and the entire working environment meet the worker safety and hygiene requirements, and arrange tests to ensure environment safety and hygiene. The Company makes regular automatic check of the work site, holds regular fire control lectures, publishes public notices at the hazardous places, arranges worker safety and hygiene training courses for new employees, and regularly arranges worker safety and hygiene lectures every year to secure safety of employees, environment, and equipment.

Unimpeded diverse communication channels

In order to encourage communication between labor and company's management staff, Megaforce holds labor affair meetings every year, participated by both labor-elected and company-appointed representatives to coordinate labor-company relations and boost cooperation between the two sides, while creating the Chairman's blog as another communication channel with labors.