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Megaforce faithfully practices its management concepts of “broad vision, innovation, swifty, modesty, and teamwork” to develop the corporate culture based on the spirit of “Megaforce People.” Megaforce fulfills its social responsibility while pursuing business growth. It treats its employees as company's most valuable assets, and sets “Advancement, Broadening, and everlasting” as the corporate visions, engaged on extending the Company's core businesses to related fields. For megaforce, ehe establishment of every new factory marks another milestone of its development, while the commencement of each new business will draw the Company one big step closer to the market. Megaforce has extended its manufacturing network from taiwan to China, with wide ranges of products and services including mold making, injection molding, electronics assembly, plastic coating, as well as opto-mechatromics, and advanced IT products, while entering the fileds of biotech and e-commerce. For years, Megaforce has won the trust of many buyers from the 3C industry who commission whole packages of product design and production to Megeforce which, in return, works day and night to satisfy the demand of customers. Megaforce takes the responsibility for assisting its buyers to sharpen their competitiveness, being active in pursuing advanced technology to create product diversity, expanding diverse services, and raising value-added to serve as a model company of the industry.

Industrial elites are sincerely invited to join Megaforce group!

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Salary and Welfare Policy
Megaforce makes competitive salary and bonus policies to ensure good salary and bonus    for employees.
  • Megaforce, in accordance with law, pays for labor insurance and national health insurance, purchasing the comprehensive group insurance for employees, allocating welfare fund to establish the employee welfare committee, and holding year-end feast with luck-draw for employees.
  • Welfare policy covers the birthday gift, subsidy for wedding, funeral service, and travel, scholarship, assistantship, or subsidies for student education, gifts for senior employees, award for long-term service, condolence for employee staying in hospital, emergency loans, designated special shops, two days off per week, regular health check, and humanity-centered management.
  • In aspects of salary and bonus, Megaforce offers competitive salary, cash gifts for three major Chinese holidays, year-end bonus, award for excellent performance, etc.
  • Regarding special leave, Megaforce allows maternity leave, special leave, female Menstruation leave, baby-sitting leave, etc.
  • Megaforce regularly convenes labor affair meeting to encourage communication between labor and company's management staff.
Talents-cultivation and Development
People are the most critical assets for an enterprise. Based on the demand of staff workers, Megaforce arranges various training courses, providing good channels for continued learning of employees.

New Employee Training

In order to help new employees to understand the Company's various businesses as soon as possible, Megaforce arrangtes series of training courses to induce new employees to be mixed into the Company, to learn about Company's structure, charter and regulations, working environment, etc., to shorten their adaption period.

General Training Course

Megaforce arranges several general training courses such as those of responsible ethics, vocational safety and hygiene requirements, fire control training, computer software, IT hardware operation, among others, to enhance employees’ understanding of corporate culture, strengthen their PC skills, as well as knowledge about working place safety, in a hope for building a comfortable and safe working environment to employees.

Vocational Competence Training

Considering the employees of differing position levels and different departments, Megaforce arranges specially-tailored training courses to allow employees at different positions with equal chances for training, learning the skills and knowledge related to their specific work, so as to draw closer link between employees’ growth and company's development.

External training

Based on the differing demand of employees at different positions and departments, Megaforce also arranges opportunitries for them to take training courses offered by professional training institute, such as those offered in accordance with the industrial talents cultivation project of Labor Development Bureau under the Department of Labor Affairs.