Supplier Management
In order to fulfill its social responsibility, Megaforce requires its suppliers and contract partners to pay attention to the issues of labor rights, environment protection, safety, hygiene, and risk control, in a hope to reduce the cost and risk of the Company itself and suppliers as a whole for everlasting their partnership. Megaforce requires suppliers to sign on the letter of commitment for acting in compliance with the EICC standards and norms for the electronics industry, meeting the requirements of labor and environment safety, providing reasonable conditions for labors, protecting basic human rights, hiring no child labor, and using no conflict metals. In addition, Megaforce requires suppliers to abide by local laws and regulations of the areas wherever they work to do business, as well as to fulfill social responsibility and to follow the EICC in all aspects. In case any supplier violates the law or the letter of commitment, Megaforce will stop, suspend, and nullify its business relation with the supplier.